2013 Skateboarding Fatalities

In the USA skateboarders are classified as pedestrians even though they ride a four wheeled device that is capable of speeds faster than those generated by a pedestrian.  Most cities outlaw skateboarding unless it is for transportation, like to schools or around neighborhood streets, and tell skateboarders that they may not use sidewalks.  Other cities have laws claiming that sidewalks must be used for skateboarding, yet some sidewalks are not safely maintained, forcing skaters into the streets where terrain is smoother.  Regardless of where and why skateboarders ride, like bicycles, a set of local ordinances and laws do not come with the purchase of the sporting equipment.  Just the warning label for the skater to “skate at their own risk.”

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21 skateboarding fatalities in 2013

  • One female
  • One in a golf course
  • One in a private parking lot
  • All others on Public Streets


NONE were skating transition or “street” skating, all were bombing/skitching/transportation related.


1. Jacob Shumaker, January 19, 2013

Coarsegold, CA (Public Street)

While skating for transportation and ran into oncoming traffic as he skated through an intersection.

17 years old


2.  Eric Hernandez, February 6, 2013

Riverside, CA (Public Street)

Hit and run by an unknown pickup truck, Eric was riding his board for transportation.

18 years old


3.  Daniel Ortiz,  Febrary 9, 2013

Norwalk, CA (Public Street)

Hit by an SUV while skating for transportation in the early morning.

20 years old


4.  Hunter Sorensen, March 11, 2013

Orange Beach, AL (Public Street)

Hunter was with friends while bombing a parking garage.  He was wearing a helmet, exited the garage directly into oncoming traffic, fell to the pavement and was struck by a vehicle.

14 years old


5.  Charlie Jones, March 16, 2013

Colorado Springs, CO (Public Street)

Fell while bombing a hill on his longboard.

12 years old


6.  John Malvar, June 4, 2013

Arlington, VA (Public Street)

John fell from his skateboard while skitching (hanging on to a moving vehicle).

18 years old


7.  Catalina Clara Delgado, June 8, 2013

Bolivar (Galveston County), TX (Public Street)

Skating for transportation late at night, a driver hit her upon passing her in road. Later it was discovered the driver was drunk.

21 years old


8.  Michael Pratt, June 13, 2013

Brooklyn/Brownsville, NY (Public Street)

Michael collided with a metro bus while skating.

25 years old


9.  Tyler Dean Johnson, June 15, 2013

University Place, WA (Golf Course)

Tyler was skating the smooth trails on a golf course with his longboard, and veered off the trail at high speeds.

21 years old


10.  Reid Krucky, June 19, 2013

Hawaii  Kai, HI (Public Street)

Fell while skitching on a moped.

16 years old


11.  Mark Carpenter, June 24, 2013

Fresno, CA (Public Street)

Mark was struck by a vehicle while skating along a street.

16 years old


12.  Corey Cabana, July 12, 2013

Sandford, ME (Public Street)

Hit by a truck while crossing the street.

15 years old


13.  Robert Leavens, July 25, 2013

York, PA (Public Street)

Robert fell from his skateboard while skitching.

18 years old


14.  Wilhem Oben, July 29, 2013

San Diego, CA  (Public Street)

Wilhem was bombing a steep hill and collided with a vehicle in the intersection.

24 years old


15.  Riley Severns, August 10, 2013

St. Louis, MO (Private Parking Lot)

Fell while bombing a steep driveway in a parking lot.

15 years old


16.  Alan Danielson, August 20, 2013

Oahu, HI (Public Street)

Alan fell while skitching.

18 years old


17.  Daniel Ecklund, August 30, 2013

Mountlake Terrace, WA (Public Street)

While longboarding for transportation Daniel collided with a utility trailer.

19 years old


18.  Bernard Hamilton, September 19, 2013

Tannersville, NY (Public Street)

Skating for transportation, Bernard was struck by a police cruiser.

50 years old


19.  Alexander Ciszewski, September 26, 2013

Long Island City, NY (Public Street)

Alex fell while skitching.

18 years old


20.  Keith Guerrero, November 11, 2013

Los Angeles, CA (Public Street)

While bombing a hill Keith hit some debris and fell.

16 years old


21.  Abelardo Garcia, December 3, 2013

Desert Hot Springs, CA (Public Street)

While skating his street style deck very early one morning as transportation to work, Abelardo was struck by an hit and run.

28 years old

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 (Disclaimer: We research these horrific accidents annually and do the best we can to get all of them. Although we may miss a few we hope this info will promote safer skateboarding.  Please review our previous reports from 2012 and 2011.)