About SPS

Skaters for Public Skateparks is a non-profit skatepark advocacy organization, international in reach, dedicated to providing the information necessary to ensure safe, rewarding, freely-accessible skateparks are available to all skateboarders.

You may reach us at skateparkinfo@gmail.com or through our website at www.skatepark.org.

We are registered as a 501(c)3 in Oregon.
Skaters for Public Skateparks
820 N. River Street, Loft 206
Portland, OR 97227

SPS is committed to ensuring that the path to a successful skatepark is available to skaters everywhere, and it is our goal that the information provided here gets it done. The compilation and presentation of this material has taken years of preparation and experience. There is much to do as the age of the modern skatepark is only just beginning to mature.

Your contribution to SPS is tax-deductible; SPS is a non-profit tax-exempt charitable organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. Your generous donation helps SPS continue to publish most useful, up-to-date skatepark information available free of charge. SPS is a %100 volunteer organization.

There are lots of ways, big and small, that you can spread awareness about skaters and skateparks. Please contact us for other ways you can get involved.

Since its creation in 2004, Skaters for Public Skateparks has amassed quite a list of achievements. Everything that SPS has done, it has done through the hard work of volunteers—people like you, people who believe that skateboarding and skateparks often play a pivotal, positive role in a youth’s life.

We continue to push skateboarding forward by helping communities get organized, develop a strategic advocacy plan, and make informed skatepark decisions. This web site is a reflection, but not the sum, of that work.

Since its creation SPS has:

  • Launched the first national comprehensive skatepark advocacy network and library with all of its content and services provided absolutely free. You will never find a hidden charge, up-sell, or any other “premium” packages or services hidden within our materials. We endeavor to keep all of our information as inexpensive to you as possible.
  • Successfully advocated for and implemented the removal of anti-skateboarding policy and deterrent devices from a public park, setting an important precedent for other communities all over the nation. The event was captured on the documentary published by FuelTV, Freedom of Space.
  • Produced the first full-size, comprehensive printed skatepark advocacy manual, the Public Skatepark Development Guide. The Guide is free, you only pay shipping! With an introduction by Tony Hawk and support from the International Association of Skateboarding Companies and the Tony Hawk Foundation, the Guide quickly sold out and is now in its second printing.
  • Host a number of non-profit charters across the nation. This service enables communities to focus on their skatepark priorities rather than on the cost and paperwork of starting and managing a non-profit organization.
  • Provided educational sessions and information services and appearances at the various trade and industry shows such as the Action Sports Retailer conference and National Recreation and Parks Association Expo, among others.
  • Influenced proper design and construction direction with our Visual Glossary of street elements which has helped bring the skatepark user into the design process. This document illustrates the kinds of forms, constraints, and usage of common street structures to help communities avoid costly mistakes.
  • Published helpful literature for advocacy groups to employ in their own local efforts…again, for free. SPS continues to be the best place for advocates to come to when they have a skatepark question.
  • Maintained a robust community where masters of advocacy, design, and construction come together to share news, tips, and ideas for better skateparks. By fostering stronger activists we support a generation of skateboarders willing to take ownership over the future of skateboarding.

Skaters for Public Skateparks is managed by a Board of Directors and operated by an army of volunteers. If you would like to join our ranks and leave things a little better, contact us at skateparkinfo@gmail.com.