Over the years SPS has worked with countless communities in developing quality public skateparks. We greatly cherish the relationship we have with city officials and skatepark advocates around the nation. The following are some of the testimonials we collected over the years. If you are working on a skatepark project and you have any questions on the process feel free to contact us.


The skatepark at Kirby Community Park in San Angelo opened in 2005.

“We would like to thank you for your invaluable assistance with the PPT presentation we gave to the Texas Recreation and Park Society annual Tri-Region conference in Lubbock recently. Nearly forty parks and recreation professionals from all over West Texas benefited from this presentation in regards to the process to develop a skate park as well as maintain it. We are indebted to your service and hope to work with you again on other projects.”

Carlton White, Civic Services Area Director- San Angelo, TX


The Norpoint Park in Tacoma, WA is a part of their skatepark system and opened in 2011.

“First, I would like to acknowledge the tremendous help SPS has been to our community in relation to our efforts to provide suitable skateboarding facilities for the youth and young adults of our community. You have helped with arranging materials, offered incredibly worthwhile feedback on siting and given invaluable advice on how to advocate for, design and maintain skateparks. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, I am writing to thank SPS for helping us to grow as a community.”

Bill Evans, Council Member- Tacoma, WA


The Floresville Skatepark completed in 2010. The park features a street area and mini ramp.

“I want to express my gratitude to you and the Skaters for Public Skateparks for all your assistance in making the Floresville Skatepark a reality.  You were the first person I contacted in trying to figure out how to do a skatepark.  You gave me some valuable guidance and contacts.  Your expertise in what a skatepark should look like facilitated our planning process.  More importantly, you showed us how we could build our park with the limited funds at our disposal.  Your appearance at our grand opening on October 9, 2010 and demonstration of your skating skills provided an extra treat for our skaters and public officials.  A small community like Floresville benefits from the cooperation extended by the Skaters for Public Skateparks.  On behalf of the Floresville Economic Development Corporation (FEDC) and the City of Floresville, I sincerely appreciate all you did for us.”

Jesse M. Perez, FEDC Executive Director- Floresville, TX


The JAWS skatepark in New Braunfels, TX opened in 2009 and has been a huge success for the area.

“SPS was critical in the success of the JAWS Skatepark. We would have been lost without them. We started from scratch, as do most skatepark advocates, and SPS provided most of the data we needed  to write an effective grant, make a personal presentation and simply sell the project in general. So don’t reinvent the wheel. SPS has already done it for you.”

Jim Skinner, President of JAWS Task Force- New Braunfels, TX _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Lockhart Skatepark opened in 2009 featuring a flow bowl and street area.

“Speaking from personal experience: Skaters for Public Skateparks (SPS) is an absolutely invaluable source of information on planning and building a community skatepark. There you will be able to correspond directly with the leading skatepark advocates. The website and bulletin board are models of their kind. Everyone who is interested in public skateparks – from industry leaders to stay-at-home moms — are welcome and frequently interact online, asking questions, networking, sharing stories and victories. If you are seriously interested in creating a public skatepark in your community, it is imperative that you go to SPS *first*.”

Michael Laird, Vice-President On-A-Roll- Lockhart, TX


The City of Portland has a very ambitious to build 19 skateparks. This is the skate plaza Ed Benedict.

“As the project manager for Portland Parks & Recreation’s (PP&R) skatepark siting &development project, I would like to offer words of appreciation, support and encouragement to Skaters for Public Skateparks (SPS). As SPS embarks on their quest to have skateparks ‘done right the first time’, Portland knows first hand the benefits of involving knowledgeable, experienced skateboarders throughout the siting, design and develop-ment process. Portland currently has only two public facilities. Burnside, which is world renowned, was built by skateboarders. The other, built without skater involvement, currently has to be rebuilt to attract and engage the local skateboard population.”

Rodney Wojtanik, Project Manager, Landscape Architect, Portland Parks & Recreation- Portland, OR


This is the City of San Antonio's eleventh skatepark at Palo Alto Park.

“The City of San Antonio’s Parks and Recreation Department appreciates its partnership with Mr. Carter Dennis (Skaters for Public Skateparks).  The department has collaborated with Carter on several skatepark projects and most recently, I appreciated Carter’s feedback and input during the design process and construction phase for Palo Alto Skatepark.  Carter’s insight and feedback were valuable in ensuring the success of this project.”

Melinda Cerda, Project Manager Parks and Recreation Department- San Antonio, TX


“The Eastmont Metropolitan Park District Board recently acquired a skate activity area Kenroy Park.  The District had no budget for any capital construction projects.  A group of volunteers from Wenatchee Valley Skate Parks approached the Park Board with a proposal to construct a skate activity area at no charge to the District.  After holding public meetings the Park Board chose Kenroy Park for the skate activity area.

Kenroy Park in Wenatchee, WA. Completed 100% by volunteers.

We worked closely with Mike Leeds, volunteer contractors and volunteers from Wenatchee Valley Skate Parks and Skaters for Public Skateparks-Wenatchee Chapter to put the project together.  These groups were able to solicit donations and in kind services to construct a much desired facility for kids to recreate.

The end result was a quality facility that continues to draw skaters consistently.  Had it not been for the efforts of Wenatchee Valley Skate Parks group and Skaters for Public Skateparks-Wenatchee Chapter there would be no skate facility because of our limited budget.”

David Schwab, Director of Parks, Eastmont Metropolitan Park District- Wenatchee, WA


Winners at the 2011 Spring TAAF Contest at the Boerne Skatepark.

“Carter Dennis (Skaters for Public Skateparks) was very supportive and attended many meetings before The City of Boerne Skate Park was complete.  Since the completion of the park Carter has been extremely helpful with both skate competitions as a judge, MC and has donated many prizes for winners. It has been a pleasure working with Mr. Dennis and we hope to continue working with a true professional.”

Ed Puente, Athletic/Aquatics Coordinator- Boerne, TX


Paul Zimmerman was the first advocate to get a drainage ditch made into a multi-use skatepark.

“Without Carter Dennis (Skaters for Public Skateparks), there would be no El Paso Skatepark Association.  He encouraged a group of concerned skaters to organize and form a 501c3 non-profit that would thump our city leaders from their pre-fab ramp buying hypnoses into a more sustainable, cost-effective concrete viewpoint of what public skateparks can and should be.  Carter is extremely knowledgeble, a no-nonsense, been-there-built-and-grinded-that kind of skatepark expert.”

Paul Zimmerman, El Paso Skatepark Association- El Paso, TX


The Spearman Skatepark was built in multiple phases starting in 2007. The "World Class" facility has attracted skaters from all over the state.

“The implementation of Palo Duro Skatepark in Spearman, Texas has surpassed all my expectations.  However in order to full fill such high qualities of expertise in skatepark construction, there had to be someone there to guide me along this 4 year journey.  SPS answered many questions I had about the process of obtaining a World Class skatepark for Spearman, Texas.  The individuals at SPS encouraged me to create my own 501c3 and gave useful ideas on ways to raise money.  They also graciously wrote recommendation letters for grants applications that I had applied for.  Needless to say they were strongly helpful with questions I had on skatepark construction.  I would like to personally  thank SPS for all they do for the sport of skateboarding.”

Chad Wilkerson, The Skatepark Funhouse Inc.- Spearman, TX


The Round Rock skatepark features an excellent flow bowl and a street area. Considered one of the best in the state.

“I first contacted Carter (Skaters for Public Skateparks) during the early planning stages of the Round Rock skatepark. His broad range of experience and knowledge helped guide the project in the right direction and ultimately lead to the creation of one of the most successful skateparks in the state. I consider his assistance and expertise in the area of public skatepark development to be invaluable.”


Darrell Lowrance, Skatepark Advocate- Round Rock, TX


The Brushy Creek Park in Cedar Park, TX was built in 2010 and is one of the top parks in the state.

I found the website Skaters for Public Skateparks when I was just getting back into skateboarding after 27 years off a skateboard. Not only was the information on the site extremely valuable in getting our project going. The support of Mr. Dennis showing up at the funding meetings was way above the call of duty. The Skaters for Public Skateparks site was also a great source for the design of the Brushy Creek Skate Park with pictures of skate parks across the country. Thank you SPS for all your support and inspiration, not only getting me back into the sport at 49 but helping me get this park built for my kids and the community.

Scott Thiltgen, Skatepark Advocate- Cedar Park, TX

The Wichita Falls skatepark is considered a tourist destination for many. The park features what many consider one of the best flow bowls in the state.

Skaters for Public Skateparks gave our group the tools we needed to help persuade our city council that a world class concrete skatepark, is a very worthy investment. We now have one of the finest concrete bowls anywhere on earth, right here in Wichita Falls, Texas. Thank you SPS!

Allen Gentry, Skatepark Advocate- Wichita Falls, TX

The design for Lackland Terrace Park in San Antonio funded through the 2007 City Bond.

We are writing to thank Skaters for Public Skateparks (SPS) and you, personally, for all that has been done on behalf of the City of San Antonio and the citizens. Both the Parks & Recreation Department and the Capital Improvements Management Services Department have benefited from your involvement. We all appreciate the community support and public input by SPS for all the skateparks that have been completed in San Antonio, and especially the Skatepark Design-Build Package involving projects at Lackland Terrace, Nani Falcone and Rosedale Parks. We personally thank you for your technical expertise and participation on the selection committee for this project. Having an unbiased subject matter expert on the selection committee helped city staff on a very tough choice of multiple excellent teams submitting on this project…the continued role of SPS is making San Antonio, and the surrounding region, a community that meets the recreational needs of the skateboarding community in a very positive way.

Mark Wittlinger, Capital Improvements Management Services Dept.- San Antonio, TX