2014 Skateboarding Fatalities

Skaters in street2

For the past four years we have been putting this list together and it’s a painstaking task. We greatly feel for the families and friends who have lost loved ones in these senseless tragedies. Similar to our previous years most of the accidents are motor vehicle related. We hope this information can help educate others and promote safe skateboarding.

28 skateboarding related fatalities in 2014
-23 were struck by a motor vehicle
-3 while skitching (holding on to a moving motor vehicle)

(Disclaimer: We research these horrific accidents annually and do the best we can to get all of them. Although we may miss a few we hope this info will promote safer skateboarding. Please review our previous reports from 2011, 2012 and 2013.)

1. Albert Castro, 01/14/2014
Santa Clarita, CA
Struck by a vehicle while skating through an intersection.
18 years old

2. Stephen Michael Wilson, 02/04/2014
Daytona, FL
Struck by a DUI driver while skating in the bike lane or sidewalk.
22 years old

3. Vincent Edward Zellefrow Jr, 02/12/2014
Carlsbad, CA
Struck in a hit and run by an underage DUI driver.
22 years old

4. Anonymous, 02/28/2014
New Orleans, LA
21 years old

5. Kate Hopkins, 03/17/2014
Yosemite Valley, CA
Bombing a hill on a longboard.
20 years old

6. Jordan Hale, 3/21/2014
Kansas City, MO
Struck by a vehicle while skating our of a parking lot.
9 years old

7. Logan Wells, 03/22/2014
Yorba Linda, CA
Struck by a vehicle.
16 years old

8. Jacqueline Postrel-Jambor, 3/22/2014
Miami Beach, FL
Struck by a vehicle while skating along street at intersection.
19 years old

9. Hans Loewen, 3/29/2014
Assateague State Park, MD
Skitching with a longboard and hit by vehicle.
20 years old

10. Anonymous, 4/11/2014
Salt Lake City, UT
Struck by a vehicle while riding a longboard through an intersection.
15 years old

11. Dylan Cox, 05/03/2014
Camby, IN
Stuck by a vehicle while skating in a residential area.
15 years old

12. Anonymous, 05/05/2014
Bradenton, FL
Struck by a vehicle while crossing an intersection.
17 years old

13. Bernardo Bernard, 05/17/2014
Kaaawa, HI
Struck by a drunk driver while skating home with a friend.
26 years old

14. Mark Vargas, 5/31/15
Redding, CA
Struck by a hit and run driver at an intersection.
16 years old

15. Anonymous, 06/05/2014
Honolulu, HI
Collided with a vehicle that was stopped at an intersection while longboarding.
54 years old

16. Anonymous, 6/12/2014
Brooklyn, NY
Collided with the back of a bus.
25 years old

17. Amber Schei, 6/20/2014
San Diego, CA
Hit and run vehicle collision.
27 years old

18. Andreaus T. Matthews, 06/28/2014
Hockinson, WA
Struck by a vehicle while skating at night.
15 years old

19. Kyle Klocek, 08/01/2014
Jacksonville, FL
Hit and run collision with a motorcycle.
23 years old

20. Sean Bowling, 09/12/2014
Honolulu, HI
Head injury sustained in a longboarding accident.
21 years old

21. Andrew Finnell, 9/9/2014
Renton, WA
Struck from behind by a vehicle driven by a teen.
17 years old

22. Giovani Saucedo, 9/25/2014
San Tan Valley, AZ
Struck by a hit and run vehicle at night.
18 years old

23. Gunnar Miller, 10/14/2014
St. Paul, Minnesota
Fell while skitching.
19 years old

24. Haley Hodge, 10/19/2014
Merritt Island, FL
Fell while skitching on a beach road.
17 years old

25. Arman Lester, 11/1/2014
San Francisco, CA
Struck in a hit and run accident by an elderly driver.
21 years old

26. Scott Michael Sherman, 11/21/2014
Lakeland, FL
Struck by a vehicle while skating at night.
27 years old

27. David Valerio, 11/25/2014
Lake Forest, CA
Teen was retrieving a skateboard from a busy street and was struck by a vehicle.
16 years old

28. Brenden Rogers, 12/6/2014
Boise, ID
Struck by a vehicle pulling out of a parking garage while the skater was riding on a sidewalk.
13 years old