Skaters for Public Skateparks is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing communities with information that leads to better skateparks.  As skaters and community activists we are intimate with how skateparks function, the value they provide a community, and the factors that lead to their success.

We occasionally get questions regarding our information services. In an effort to clarify our purpose as an organization, the most common questions are reprinted here with our responses.

“Who is SPS?”

SPS is managed by a Board of Directors.  All of our directors are long time skateboarders and have worked many years on developing public skateparks voluntarily. If your community is interested in building a public skatepark we can help you with information and references to important things you may wish to consider!!!

“Come build a skatepark in my town.”

SPS does not provide design or construction services. We strongly recommend going with an experienced skatepark design company or design/build company specializing in poured in place concrete skateparks. We recommend against prefabricated modular skateparks or above ground precast concrete skateparks for reasons explained throughout this web site.

“Who are the best builders? Who should I hire?”

This is a great question but unfortunately it depends on what kind of skatepark you want. SPS maintains a strict policy of not recommending any specific skatepark provider. However we are happy to work with you to define your skatepark expectations for safety and value.

“Does SPS sell anything?”

Yes! We sell merchandise to help out with our operational expenses. The purchase of these items are a donation to SPS. All proceeds go to help us on our skatepark research projects and the free consultation we offer to communities around the globe.  Every time you purchase an item from SPS your proceeds go to help communities around the world in developing public skateparks.

“I asked a question in your forums and was immediately contacted by ‘xxx’ skatepark company. What gives?”

We make no effort to control who has access to our forums. We only monitor what is posted there. Employees in playground and skatepark equipment often review our forums hoping to find business leads. SPS has no relationship to these companies and we encourage you to treat them as you might any other sales cold-call. We consider their behavior an abuse of the free information service SPS provides.

“I can’t find the information that I’m looking for. Who can I contact?”

You are encouraged to contact SPS directly via email skateparkinfo@gmail.com .

“Will you help our community plan our skatepark?

YES! Our consultation to get your public skatepark built is FREE! We only ask to be reimbursed for travel expenses. We have helped numerous communities in developing successful public skateparks. Please contact us to find out how we might be of service.