Community for Wenatchee Valley Skateparks, Washington

Few groups have been so expedient in their first success as the group in Wenatchee, Washington. They formed in response to Parks’ consideration of demolishing Wenatchee’s only public skatepark with no commitment to having it replaced…and certainly not without a year or more with no safe, sanctioned skateboarding space anywhere in the community. Aside from the existing 15-year-old skatepark, the closest public skatepark is in Leavenworth…about 20 miles away.

Today local skateboarders have two public options and one indoor, commercial park. The newest skate spot at Kenroy Park in East Wenatchee is the result of rapid and responsive advocacy.

We encourage you to keep an eye on their progress and tip them a few bucks if you can.

Community for Wenatchee Valley Skateparks

The video below shows some of the diverse support that their effort has gathered.

Center map