Houston, Texas

The Houston area has a unique skatepark system in which there are both skateparks operated by the city and the county. The City of Houston operates six skateparks and Harris County where Houston is located operates six skateparks. Altogether there are 12 skateparks operated by the city and county.

However, the most notable skatepark out all these is the Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark. The Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark was brought to you by the hard work of a local skatepark organization called PUSH. The PUSH organization was successful in raising $2.5 million dollars. The Lee and Joe Jamail Family was responsible for donating a majority of the funds.

Regardless, PUSH was the main effort in getting this skatepark built. They spent two years holding fundraisers and working with donors to make the dream come true.

Luckily, the City of Houston was on board with finding a great location for this skatepark and it was built downtown in Buffalo Bayou Park.  The central location provides easy access throughout the city.

In 2008, the 36,000 square foot facility opened was immediately hailed as the largest skatepark in Texas. The park features three different bowls and a street area. The most notable bowl is the flow bowl which includes a 20′ cradle, a 12.5′ deep end and a 14′ high bank ramp. The other two bowls include a kidney pool replica and a another flow bowl connected to the street area with a smaller cradle. The street area has a number of features including ledges, rails, banks, quarterpipes and hips.

Every year the park is put on the map with the Rock the Cradle contest which attracts pro riders from around the world. The proceeds from the event go to Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation. A foundation set up to memorialize young skater Johnny Romano who passed away from cancer in 2008.

The Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark is open 9am-10pm daily. The park features lights and is staffed with security gaurds. All skaters must wear a helmet!!! The park is located at 103 Sabine Street.

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The success of the Lee and Joe Jamail Park has already motivated The Greater Greenspoint Redevelopment Authority in North Houston to develop an even larger park. The park will be located on a 10-acre site located in the Southwest corner of W. Rankin and Kuykendahl. The skate area of the park will have an estimated 50,000 square feet which will include bowls and street elements. When completed this will be one of the largest skateparks in the country.