Austin, Texas

Austin, TX is home to two great public skateparks. Both skateparks were created through years of hard work by the local skaters. At the moment Austin is breaking ground on a third public skatepark at the Austin Recreation Center.

The skatepark in Mabel Davis Park is a world class facility offering 15,500 square feet of bowl and street terrain.  The park was completed in 2005 by Mac Construction and Grindline Skateparks.  The flow bowl offers plenty of lines with a lot of hips, a pocket with pool coping, a vert extension and a 10 foot deep end. The street area has a variety of stair sets, ledges, step up gaps and handrails. The park is lit up until 10pm and is located in South Austin at 3427 Parker Lane.


The other skatepark in Austin is located at Patterson Park. The local skaters raised the money and built a nice 1,500 sqft. concrete mini ramp. We use this as a model for many cities operating on a small budget because this facility was built for under $15,000. The mini ramp is five feet tall with six foot extensions. The park was built by Ideal Skateparks in 2008 and it is located at 4200 Brookview Rd.


The new park being constructed in Austin is located at the Austin Recreation Center off 1301 Shoal Creek Blvd. The park was designed by Newline Skateparks and is being built by Prism Construction and California Skateparks. Features will include a bowl, a plaza like street area and some sculptural artwork for aesthetic appeal.


Center map