Watts, California

UPDATE: The Watts Project placed 3rd out of 53 competitors thanks to your help! The high placement and total from the different daily challenges netted $23,000 for the Watts Skatepark! Combined with money donated through the Tony Hawk Foundation, the Watts Skatepark is being awarded about $80,000! Great stuff!

Thank you to everyone who participated. It really made a difference and means that another community will have an excellent place to skate.


The Watts skatepark project needs your help right away. There are lots of ways you can do that…by donating directly, (which would be excellent), or by spreading the word, (which is also excellent). The only thing you cannot do is nothing. From skaters to skaters, help out in whatever way you can. Planners and Parks fans…it may be your project next month. Let’s make it happen in Watts in a big way.

This is how you make a rock-solid difference in someone’s life and help turn an ordinary kid into a skater.

1. Donate a Few Bucks!

Throw $25 to Watts through Athletes for Hope. If you donate there, the Tony Hawk Foundation will match you dollar-for-dollar. Your $25 donation becomes $50 for Watts. That’s good math. You should do that right now. Sounds good. I’ll do that.

2. Spread the Word!

Maybe you don’t have $20 but you have a zillion friends. You never know which one you share the Watts story with will push the project over the top. Tell your Facebook friends, or whatever it is you use instead of email, by using the little dingbats at the side of the project page. You don’t have to do anything but click your mouse. Serious! It’s that easy. Sounds good. I’ll do that too!