Afghanistan (Skateistan)

Local youth and international NGO workers in Kabul, Afghanistan have started the country’s first skateboarding school, Skateistan. By introducing the positive and cross-cultural aspects of skateboarding, Skateistan hopes to provide new opportunities to the local youth.

Skateboarding students are admitted based on a number of economic and cultural factors. Skateistan’s curriculum obviously includes skateboarding instruction but also has qualities of project management, life skills, and English. Ultimately the group’s mission is to empower the students to take leadership positions on issues important to them and build social networks that cross ethic barriers. One of the clearest reflections of that mission is that Skateistan teaches both boys and girls.

The group is currently securing a permanent location for their school and recruiting additional staff. While Skateistan is still in its early development, it still qualifies for one of the world’s boldest and most visionary skateboarding missions ever.

Please check out their site and support them in whatever way you’re able. Enjoy the video below. It’s incredible.