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Need information that SPS can’t supply? There’s a good chance you’ll find it below.

• Local Skatepark Efforts contains localized skatepark advocacy efforts.
• Designers & Builders has a list of skatepark design and construction companies.
• Community contains agency sites for general information about park and city development.
• Skateboarding is general skate sites that we think are pretty good.

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Local Skatepark Efforts

Every skatepark is the result of a dedicated and passionate group of volunteer advocates. These are fantastic sources of inspiration for fundraising and advocacy techniques. Even if you don’t live near these places you will probably pick up some good information.

Calgary Association of Skateboarding Enthusiasts (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Vision: Calgary skateboarders have access to free world-class facilities where they can skate safely, develop their skills and enjoy skate-related events.

Colorado Coalition for Public Skateparks (Colorado)
The Colorado Coalition for Public Skateparks (CCPS) is a grass-roots skatepark advocacy group dedicated to the promotion and implementation of quality, and free public skatepark facilities.

Friends of the Ann Arbor Skatepark (Michigan)
Our mission: To build a free, public, concrete skatepark as a permanent resource for residents in the Ann Arbor area.

Laytonville Skatepark (California)
The new online headquarters for the Laytonville D.I.Y. Skate Park Project.

Marginal Way Skatepark (Washington)
The Marginal Way skatepark is a local DIY project built with volunteer labor and contributions.   Its mission is to create a legal recreational facility for skateboarders in the City of Seattle.

Nedsk8 (Colorado)
Skatepark effort for Nederland, Colorado.

Parents for Skateparks (Washington)
Parents for Skateparks seeks to connect kids of all ages to resources for building skateparks in their own neighborhoods. We support advocacy in all shapes and sizes, and by people from all walks of life, with or without children.

Pour It Now (South Carolina)
POUR IT NOW means pour the concrete now. Our goal is to secure funding for unique, challenging and fun concrete skateparks in South Carolina. The fact is Skateboarders outnumber participants in most popular sports including Baseball and Football.

Seattle Skateparks (Washington) is the premiere clearinghouse for emerging news and information about Seattle Skatepark Advocacy. Check the site regularly to stay on top of the latest developments in all of Seattle’s neighborhood skatepark campaigns.

Skate Uganda (Uganda)
Awesome NGO skatepark effort in Uganda. This is a must-read website!

Skaters for Eugene Skateparks (Oregon)
Skaters for Eugene Skateparks’ mission is to create a comprehensive system of world-class public skateable terrain in Eugene, Oregon. Our vision is to make skateboarding safe and freely accessible to every skateboarder throughout the year.

Skateistan (Afghanistan)
Skateboarding classes in Kabul, Afghanistan. Another terrific mission with incredible results.

Skate Montana (Montana)
The group starting out with a skatepark in Missoula and have expanded their mission to cover the entire state.

Skatepark of Baltimore (Maryland
If you have ever felt the need for a proper public concrete skatepark in the City of Baltimore, or asked “how can I help?” – now is your chance. We need everyone’s help with this “labor of love” and are eager to work with skaters and Baltimoreans.

Skaters for Portland Skateparks (Oregon)
Skaters for Portland Skateparks mission is to create a comprehensive system of world-class public skateparks in Portland, Oregon.
Our vision is to make skateboarding safe and accessible to every skateboarder, every day for everybody’s benefit.

Ukiah Skate Park (California)
The mission of the Ukiah Skate Park Committee is to provide a well designed Skate Park that promotes healthy recreational activities for our children and our community.
Colorado Coalition for Public Skateparks

Vancouver Skateboard Coalition (British Columbia, Canada)
The mission of the VSC is to act as an entity that is accessible to all skateboarders, promoting unity throughout our citys diverse skateboard scene and taking a proactive role in creating and maintaining a safe, fun environment.

Ventura Skate Plaza (California)
The official homepage for the Ventura Skate Plaza, sponsored by FunNotFame Productions, skateboarding’s independent publisher.

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The following sites have proven helpful to skatepark advocates and those seeking a better understanding of community gathering spaces.

Contact Congress
Here’s a great site to help you contact your congressman.

Recreation Management magazine
Ideas and solutions for recreation, sports and fitness facility managers.

Wallace Foundation
The Wallace Foundation seeks to support and share effective ideas and practices that will strengthen education leadership, arts participation and out-of-school learning.

This is a neat hodge-podge planner’s site with contributors from around the world. If you visit, be sure to check out the forums…they often contain some very spirited conversations.

Nat. Recreation & Parks Association
For 40 years, NRPA has advocated the importance of thriving, local park systems, the opportunity for all Americans to lead healthy, active lifestyles, and the preservation of great community places.

Project for Public Spaces
Project for Public Spaces (PPS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and sustaining public places that build communities.

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Want more great skateboarding information? Check out these great sites!

Concrete Disciples
One of the best skateboarding sites ever. Period.

Juice magazine

Nichols/Charnoski Productions
The film-makers behind Northwest, Tent City, and Fruit of the Vine.

Northwest Skater
SPS Regional Director Dan Hughes has been to hundreds of skateparks. This is his excellent catalog.

Public Skatepark Development Guide
The Public Skatepark Development Guide is the world’s first comprehensive instructional manual on skatepark advancement and is a publishing collaboration between the International Association of Skateboard Companies, Tony Hawk Foundation, and SPS.

Skate Spotter
Free skatepark and skate spot finder. is a growing directory of skateparks all over British Columbia and Alberta Canada, with plans to expand to other provinces. The site features quicktime virtual tours of each site as well as a google map to help you easily find the park.

Skate and Annoy
Randy’s been pestering members of the skatus quo since 1985. Funny observations, Conahan’s Cartoons, eBayWatch, and the Annoying Kid of the Month.

A great skateboarding site and the best forums the Internerd has ever seen. SPS grew out of this offbeat Northwest skate site.

Skate Daily
Great source of regularly updated skateboarding news.

Skate Like A Girl
Skate Like A Girl is a loose-knit group of self-identified girl skateboarders who love skateboarding and who are determined to create an inclusive counter-culture to the often exclusive culture that is mainstream skateboarding these days.

Skateboard Mom


Skateboarding Sucks

Don’t think of it as two pieces of wood that used to form a skateboard, instead think of it as what that board went through before it snapped, the learning and knowledge that it built up before snapping.

The Clustr
Grassroots mapping project showing local skatespots with video and photos.

The Skateboard Industry

Tony Hawk Foundation
THF seeks to foster lasting improvements in society, with an emphasis on supporting and empowering youth. THF supports recreational programs with a focus on creation of public skateparks in low-income communities.

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