Sample RFP for a Skatepark Bid (Replacing a Modular Skatepark)

(In the last few years, SPS has worked with a lot of cities in replacing out dated modular skateparks. The following RFP was used by one of the many cities we work with in replacing a modular skatepark. If your city is planning a skatepark hiring an experienced skatepark contractor is one of the most important steps. This RFP covers the scope and qualifications used in hiring a skatepark design/build contractor.)

Request for Proposal for a Design & Build Skatepark

Scope of Services:

Provide complete design and build services for a state of the art poured in place skate park.

General Specifications:

• The city reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals, to accept any proposal deemed advantageous and to waive irregularity in the proposals.

• By providing a proposal, the vendor acknowledges and will adhere to all specifications as stated within this packet.

• Vendor is required to submit three (3) references of previous projects of similar or like nature.

• Proposals of any reputable manufacturer’s regularly produced product or such item similarly and substantially equivalent will be considered.

• Evaluation of proposals takes into account the following considerations: project approach, vendors experience and quality, demonstrated knowledge of the park’s skate areas and the community and ability to meet schedule and budget containment methodologies.

• Late submittals will be rejected without consideration.

• The city assumes no responsibility for costs related to the preparation of submittals.

• All proposals must be made on the required form(s). All blank spaces for proposal prices must be filled-in, in ink or typewritten, and the proposal form must be fully completed and executed when submitted.

• Proposal prices shall be firm for XXX days from bid opening.

• A conditional proposal may be cause for rejection.

• Any questions about the meaning, the intent or the specifications must be inquired by the Vendor in writing. Any and all questions will be responded to in the form of written addenda. All addenda that you receive shall become a part of the contract documents and shall be acknowledged and dated on the bottom of the Proposal Tabulation Page.

• Proposal tabulation, references , acknowledgement of the general specifications , equipment list and other information requested in the RFP must be received by the city on XX/XX/XXXX date.


Specifications and Acknowledgment

Vendor shall complete every space in the Vendor’s proposal column with either a check mark to indicate the item being bid is exactly as specified or a description to indicate any deviation of item being bid from the specifications.

Description of Requirement

Proposer’s Initial Project Timeline


•Bid Due Date – xx/xx/xxxx

•Bid Review Date – xx/xx/xxxx

•Award Contract – xx/xx/xxxx

•Skate Parks Opens – xx/xx/xxxx

Project Budget

2) The project budget for design, equipment and installation for the improvement is $XXX,XXX.

Scope of Work

3) The contractor will furnish all labor, design services, engineering, construction management, administration, materials, equipment, services, transportation, insurance and daily expenses to meet the requirements of this scope of work and specifications. Prices shall be inclusive of all costs.

4) Vendor is responsible for removing and disposal of existing equipment.

5) Contractor is required to provide a projected design of poured in place skate park elements with proposal submittal. Design shall fit within the existing concrete slab.

6) Upon notice of award to the successful contractor, Contractor shall revise/finalize plan with staff and user input. Please plan on a minimum of one public meeting with users to gather input.

7) The square footage of existing slab is approximately xxxx square feet.
Measurements and attached site plans are approximate.

8) The park will be open to the public during the renovation of the skatepark area. The vendor is responsible for maintaining perimeter safety fencing around work area while project is under construction. A safe working area shall be maintained by the contractor.

9) Vendor is responsible for removing and the legal disposal of all construction debris from site at the Contractor’s cost.

10) Contractor shall complete work within XXX days of Notice to Proceed.

11) Steel prefabricated equipment or precast concrete equipment proposals will not be accepted.

12) Poured in place concrete shall have a minimum comprehensive strength of not less than 4,000 psi.

Proposal Evaluation

13) The following criteria will be used to judge the submittals:

•Manufacturer’s and Installers Quality, Years of Experience, Reputation, References – 20%

•Demonstrated knowledge of the parks and recreation system and the community – 15%

•Project Approach (Flow, Uniqueness, Play value, Creative Design & Good Use of Space, Meeting user needs, # of skate components) – 40%

•Ability to Meet Schedule and Budget Containment Methodologies – 25%

14) There will no pre-bid for the project; however, a walk-through is encouraged for this bid. Staff will meet potential contractors on-site to answer questions and will be available by phone, e-mail and fax.

15) State the number of calendar days for this project to be completed in the bid form.

Standard of Conduct

16) Work shall be conducted between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The city may direct specific times for certain work to be performed so as to not to interfere with the community events/services, which would include holidays.

17) Each employee will be identified by a company uniform (shirt, pants and cap) and vehicles will be clean and all marked with company name.

18) Safety of residents and visitors is of the utmost importance. It will be the contractor’s responsibility to secure areas where the work is taking place.

19) Contractor shall behave and operate in an environmentally sound and professional way, as to not create damage or cause exposure by virtue of negligence or omission.

20) Contractor is responsible for repairing any damage to facilities, grounds or landscape that occurred as a result of the work.

21) Equipment must be well maintained and in good condition.

22) Contractor shall complete work within XXX days of contract execution.

Bonds & Prevailing Wage

23) Contractor may be required to provide the city a performance bond in the full amount of the contract prior to the commencement of work, with premiums fully paid in advance by the contractor. The bonds will be on forms and drawn on sureties acceptable to the city and are included in the total project cost.

24) For this project, all contractor(s) and subcontractor(s) must pay the local general prevailing wages. This includes the rate for overtime work and legal holidays. Laborers or employees must be paid at or above the prevailing local wages. The minimum rate will be specified by the city and can be found in the Bid section of the city website.

Insurance and Taxes

25) No taxes shall be included in the bid price since the city is exempt from all sales tax. The city will provide selected vendor applicable proof of sales tax exemption.

26) Contractor shall provide the city acceptable proof of insurance, which meets the requirements as identified in this bid packet.


27) All construction shall be performed by the approved contractor or pre-approved sub-contractor only. A list of all sub-contractors proposed under this bid shall be submitted with the bid and shall meet all experience criteria. If no sub-contractors are outlined in the proposal, no substitutions of sub-contractors will be permitted.

Compliance with Laws

28) At Contractor’s own cost and expense, Contractor shall comply with all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations federal, state and local, and OSHA authorities and departments relating to or affecting the work hereunder, and shall secure and obtain any and all permits, licenses, certifications and consents as may be necessary in connection therewith.

29) Traffic control, where and when needed, that meets the requirements of the county shall be provided as part of the unit cost.


30) Partial payment will be paid by the city within XX calendar days after the invoice is received based on the Accounts Payable calendar which will be provided to the successful contractor.


31) Contractor shall provide names of key staff that participated on named projects and their specific responsibilities with respect to this scope of work.

32) Contractor shall provide a summary of contractor/vendor demonstrated capability, including length of time that your contractor/vendor has provided the services being requested in this Request for Proposal.

33) Contractor shall provide at least three (3) references that received similar services from your vendor. The city reserves the right to contact any of the organizations or individuals listed. Information provided shall include:

•Client name

•Project description

•Project start and end dates

•Client project manager name, telephone number and e-mail address


34) Include warranty and any contractor warranties with bid submittal.

35) Provide maintenance and operations required for the proposed construction with submittal.

36) Include expected life cycle of the proposed construction with submittal.


37) An award of contract is subject to city’s approval.

38) In addition to the city’s approval of the bid other approvals maybe necessary.

User Safety

39) The park will remain open for use by the public; contractor(s) shall maintain a safe area throughout construction.

40) Each contractor must ensure user’s safety when performing services in and around all locations.


41) Contractor(s) are expected to be in daily contact (email, phone, and fax) and weekly meetings with appointed project manager for the city. Additional meetings may be required between contractors selected regarding project related issues.

Value Engineering

42) Selected contractor will coordinate with the city a value engineering exercise to maintain probable cost within the established budget to insure project durability and quality.



Proposal Tabulation Form

Skatepark Design Build Fees
XXXX Park:
Performance Bond:

Number of calendar days for commencement following the notification date of service award______.

I, _________________________________________, certify that this proposal is made without prior understanding, agreement or connection with any corporation, firm, or person submitting a proposal for the same materials, supplies or equipment and is in all respects fair and without collusion of fraud. I agree to abide by all conditions of this proposal and certify that I am authorized to sign this proposal for the Vendor.
Name (please print)

Addendum Acknowledgement
Please sign to indicate that you received the addenda by signing your name along with the date received.

Addenda #1 ____________________

Addenda #2 ____________________

Addenda #3 ____________________

Contact Information: Please include your contact information.

Company: _____________________________________________________
Contact Name:
Contact Phone: _______________ Cell Phone: __________ Fax: _________
Email: _______________________________


Please provide information from three (3) references

1. Agency/Company:

Contact Name:

Contact Phone:

Products delivered:

2. Agency/Company:

Contact Name:

Contact Phone:

Products delivered:

3. Agency/Company:

Contact Name:

Contact Phone:

Products delivered: