The Seattle Skateparks group has been coordinating skatepark development efforts in Seattle for several years. They formed in response to the cataclysmic events of the mid-2000s, namely the demolition of the Ballard Bowl AND Seattle’s only other public skatepark. With their involvement, Seattle began to get back on track with their skateparks and have since opened several new parks around the City with more to follow.

They run an informative and entertaining website at If you live in the area or plan on visiting, definitely check them out and support them in whatever way you can—speak up for skateparks at a meeting, donate a few bucks, everything helps!

Below, the old, revered Ballard Bowl, Seattle, Washington. Rest in peace!

And the new (replacement) bowl that now occupies a space nearby. Locals agree that it lacks the gritty charm of the original but it is completely functional and a damn fine bowl in its own right.