How Many Skaters Near You?

Here is a specific formulas for calculating how many skaters exist in any community. How many skaters are in a community is a question that advocates will want to deliver again and again. In any given community, roughly 4.6% will be casual skateboarders and half of those will be weekly skaters. With only a general population and region, one can get an approximate number of skateboarders easily and quickly.

This formula is based on a national average of skateboarders according to market research that focuses on action sports participation, (BoardTrac).

Smaller towns may have fewer skaters to support. Advocates may feel a little let down that they don’t have a large constituency to add massive numbers to their cause, but what they get in return is the ease of working with a smaller bureaucracy. The skatepark advocate in a city with 2-million people will have much more work to do than someone in a town of 12,000.

Statistical Averages Of Skateboarders Per Population
Roughly 4.6% of all American’s will ride a skateboard sometime this year!

To calculate your local skateboarder population, multiply the total population of the target area by .046. In other words, Total Population * .046 = Skaters in Target Area. We’ve done a few samples sizes for you below.

Total Population of Target Area# of Skaters in Target Area

NOTE: These numbers are approximations and should be reasonably adjusted for the target community’s character. A region with above-average rainfall or colder climates may have fewer skateboarders than an area that is warmer or drier than the national average.

You can find the total population of your target area by your local government’s web site or the U.S. Census. Go to, enter the city, county, or zip code in the Population Finder, select the State, and click “Go.” Within a few seconds, if it’s available, the page should return some general population statistics on the city or region you entered.