Officer’s on Board 2 – Make a Difference Day 2016

For the second year in a row Skaters for Public Skateparks and Community for Wenatchee Valley Skateparks collaborated with our local police department to show unity between our skater’s and police officer’s. This year our main focus was to paint a mural over the graffiti in the bowl at 19 year old Pioneer Skatepark. CWVS raised over half of the funding for the project and received a grant from our Downtown Rotary service group for the balance of the cost. There was a lot of anticipation for the mural since we were extremely fortunate to land renowned Pacific Northwest street artist Charms Won from Seattle. The skaters were hyped to say the least!

Charms Won

About 95% of the graffiti at Pioneer Skatepark was in this bowl prior to the mural. Pictured here is CWVS Founder and SPS Board Member Mike Leeds and Seattle Artist Charms Won.


Leading up to the event on October 22nd we had many days of rain. Much more than usual for North Central WA State. We ended up having a record 14 out of 31 days with precipitation. However, when the Saturday morning of the event arrived we were blessed with sunshine like we hadn’t seen in a few weeks or more. Charms started on the freshly primed blank canvas of our bowl shortly after 10AM. While the police officer’s barbecued hot dogs donated by their guild, skaters as well as bikers rode the park and all looked on as the overlapping images started to take shape. Being coined the apple capital of the world located in the center of The Evergreen State; we had everything from apples to the Seahawks, old school Sonics Sasquatch, the CWVS acronym and more included in the collage of local and NW-themed art.


Charms Won2

WPD Officer’s Shawndra Duke, Sgt. Mark Huson, Sgt. Keith Kellog, CWVS/SPS Mike Leeds and artist Charms Won.


Throughout the day many people from around the community stopped by to check out the event, specifically the mural and also got to see some shredding of the park taking place. The local newspaper was there twice and our only TV station, NCWlife came out and did a piece for us. Charms worked late into the first day, well past the official end to the scheduled event. With the sheer size of this painting project, he ended up finishing mid-week and it turned out AMAZING! The coolest bonus of all that we didn’t really plan for is that the bowl is getting
skated like never before since it was built in 1997.


Charms Won4

Charms in “The Zone”.


Pioneer Park Curing

Volunteer skater Casey Cooper doing some curing.


Pioneer Park Ripper

Local ripper Justin Gayle-Bullis ollies into an air over several BMX bikes.


The original park design was good, but not well executed. In other words, there is not only no pool coping in the bowl nor is there a stitch of steel coping in the entire 10,000 sq ft skatepark. In preparation for the mural, we had several meetings on site resulting in our public works department jumping in with some patching around the seam where the tranny meets up with the flat. With an industrial grade primer that they applied and Charm’s low pressure, high pigment graffiti paint to top it off, our bowl is more skateable and conducive to board/lipslides and grinds than ever before. The beautiful professional artwork of Mr. Won has breathed new life into our entire skatepark. There is still a lot of buzz going on about the new art in the park as resident’s from around the area continue to drive out to see the completed work firsthand. Many of which who don’t normally go to Pioneer Park at all. The positive community feedback and smiles on the skater’s faces is truly priceless.


Charms Won3

Close to a done deal. All that’s left is the spiral for the drain.


Pioneer Park Completion

Professional Real Estate photographer Travis Knoop took some aerial shots for us. It rained for days after the project was completed so patience to skate and get these awesome drone pics was definitely required.

Pioneer Park Completion2

Pioneer Park Completion3