2015 Skateboarding Fatalities

For the past five years we have been putting this list together and it’s a painstaking task. We greatly feel for the families and friends who have lost loved ones. Similar to our previous years most of the accidents are motor vehicle related. We hope this information can help educate others and promote safe skateboarding.

(Disclaimer: We research these accidents annually and do the best we can to get all of them. Although we may miss a few we hope this info will promote safer skateboarding. Please review our previous reports from 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.)


Jan. 1, Justin Lai, 19 years  Dover, DE

Struck by a vehicle while skating at 4:14 am along side of the rural road.



March 20, Eric Penderson, 20 years  Angeles National Forest, CA

While downhill skateboarding he lost control and collided with a vehicle. He was wearing pads and a helmet.



March 27, Desiree Lamont, 23 years and mother of three children  Anchorage, AK

Collided with a hit and run driver who pulled out of a parking lot as she skated along the street.



April 21, Zakkary Herman, 21 years Cocoa Beach, FL

Hit and Run – possibly drunk driver  initially – accident about 2am as he skated along A1A on March 31st.



April 21, Hassan Moore, 15 years Mt. Airy, NC

Lost control through an intersection and collided with a vehicle. The accident took place on April 12th.



April 27, Joshua Robertson, 18 years Salem OR

While downhilling on a long board, he ran off the road and suffered head trauma.



May 6, Jarek Trejo, 13 years, Los Angeles, CA

While with a parent that night, he skated across a busy intersection and was hit by a vehicle.



May 8, Emma M. Keown, 20 years, Madiera Beach St Petersburg, FL

While skating with friends at 1:30 am she was struck as they were on the bridge in a construction zone with no sidewalk.  The hit and run truck driver failed to give right of way to the group traveling ahead on the causeway.



May 20 Christopher Garbinski, 23 years,  Unity, ME

At 1:30 AM outside the entrance to the college on the rural road he was skating down hill with room mates, lost control of his board and collided with a tree.



June 3, Soren Hallberg, 35 years St. Paul, MN

At sunset, he skated out of an alleyway and collided with a truck trailer.



June 10, David Pantohan, 43 years  Ewa Beach Oahu, HI

At 12:38 am he was skitching on a city street and fell.



June 14, Christian Donis, 14  Echo Park L.A., CA

On Friday afternoon June 12th, the two friends were at an intersection and both were struck by a hit and run driver.



June 14, Sergio Adrian Alaniz-Vazquez, 17  Canoga Park L.A.,CA

In the evening, he skated across an intersection into oncoming traffic, according to witnesses.



July 4, Shamus Reilly, 23 years  Duram, NC

Was hit by a vehicle while skating along. This was a shoulder-less city street.



Aug. 2, Joe Carlos Lopez, 21 years San Angelo, TX

Struck by a vehicle at 2:30 am along a street downtown. The driver was found guilty of a hit and run.



Aug. 3, Cash Pereira, 16 years  Miami, FL

Struck from behind at 9:30pm in a hit and run along a rural road with no sidewalks.



Aug. 18, Roberto Navarez, 13 years, Mineral Wells, TX

Was struck by a vehicle while skating along a street.



Aug. 29, Joshua Maldonado, 17 years, Bell, CA

Struck by a hit and run vehicle while skating near his house.



Sept. 7, Jonathan Walton, 20 years, Atlanta, GA

Struck by a hit and run driver while skating on a dark street with no sidewalks.



Sept. 10, Antonia DeMeules, 15 years, Isanti, MN

Struck by a vehicle at 8:15pm at night.



Sept. 12, Gabriel Seagraves, 15, James Is. Charleston, SC

Struck by a vehicle. The driver was found guilty of wreckless driving.


Sept. 13, Devon Jesse, 14 years, Fort Worth, TX

He was struck by a hit and run driver on a rural road with no sidewalks.



Oct. 2, Cesar Medina, 23 years, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Struck by a vehicle while crossing a city intersection at 10:10 pm with the right of way.



Nov. 1, Kevin Sigurani, 24 years, Coral Gabels in Miami, FL

Struck from behind by a vehicle while skating along a street.



Nov. 2, Tyler Sellers, 20 years and

Sabore Worrell, 24 years, Bayonne, New Jersey

Both skaters were struck by a wreckless hit and run driver while crossing an intersection.


26 confirmed deaths of skateboarders U.S.

Fatalities are confirmed via public records only, leads may be from various sources

2 females

2 downhill athletes

Only one (down hill athlete) was wearing helmet.

First for this year:  skater hit by a motorcyclist.

Majority of deaths occurred in CA.

Average age of deaths in 2015: 20

Youngest was 13 in Mineral Wells, TX along a rural road and another in L.A., CA at an intersection and with a parent.

Oldest was 43 out of Oahu, HI on a city street, skitching on a friend’s vehicle.

No skate park deaths occurred in 2015.