Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver sits just north of Portland, Oregon and enjoys a significant skatepark system composed of two larger skateparks and four skate spots.

Tenney Creek Skate Spot

Features a small taco form along a path.

Pacific Park Skatepark

This 10,000 square foot skatepark was designed and built by Grindline in 1998.

Waterworks Park Skatepark

A 12,000 square foot skatepark designed by Wormhoudt.

Little Prairie Skate Spot

Another small skate spot, (less than 2,000 square feet), in a larger public park.

Harmony Ridge Skate Spot

A skate spot featuring street structures.

Gretchen Fraser Skate Spot

Yet another small bulb-out skate spot.

Endeavor Skate Spot

Another skate spot attached to a larger public park.

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