Albuquerque, New Mexico

If you’re looking for a place to skate try Albuquerque, New Mexico. The city has endless amounts of skate terrain including numerous ditches, street spots and backyard ramps. On top of that, Albuquerque is home to an impressive skate park system unmatched by any other city in the nation.

The City of Albuquerque operates six public skateparks and Bernillo County where Albuquerque is located operates two public skateparks. This skatepark systems is one of the only in the country which features numerous large scale parks including two concrete parks that are over 30,000 square feet.

In 2000, the city opened its first public skatepark at Los Altos Park. The park was the first of its kind in the Southwest featuring a 35,000 square foot concrete skatepark offering multiple bowls and a large street area. It immediately set the bar for large scale skateparks in the Southwest with Denver and El Paso following suit. The park is located at 10140 1/2 Lomas Blvd NE.

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In 2007, the city out did itself and completed the 40,000 square foot skatepark at Alamosa Park. This park has a very unique plaza like design along with a massive flow bowl which includes a fullpipe. The street area in the park features a lot of replicated street spots including wall rides, the bridge ledges, stamped bricks, hips, etc. In 2007, the skatepark was featured in Lakai video “Fully Flared”. The Alamosa Park is located at 6900 Gonzales Rd SW.

alamosa2 alamosa4 alamosa6 alamosa7 alamosa8

The following year Bernillo County completed a concrete skatepark at Rio Bravo Park on the southern part of town. This park features an 8,325 square foot concrete park with quarterpipes, hips and banks.  The park is located at 3912 Isleta Blvd SW.

rio-bravo1-2010 rio-bravo2-2010 rio-bravo3-2010 rio-bravo4-2010 rio-bravo5-2010

And last but not least, is the recently completed North Domingo Baca Park which is operated by the city. The 24,000 square foot hybrid skatepark features both prefabricated steel framed equipment and concrete skate features. The park includes numerous ledge, stairs, banks, hips and quarterpipes. The park is located at Corona Ave and Wyoming Blvd.

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Although Albuquerque and Bernillo County offer eight skateparks we feel the four listed above are the most notable in the system. Some other interesting facts are that bikes are allowed in all eight skateparks. Furthermore, in 2007 the state passed The Child Helmet Safety Act which requires all skatepark users under 18 to wear helmets.