NEW SPS Shirts!!!

It takes a special kind of person to wear a t-shirt. Not everyone can pull it off. It requires a self-confidence that tells the world, “I KNOW I look good!” We wouldn’t blame you if you felt too insecure to pick up one of our new shirts. You’d still be in good company…neither Kim Jong-il or Harrison Ford are wearing one of these shirts, (as far as we know).

The real story here is that by donating to Skaters for Public Skateparks you support and organization that works hard to support skateboarding. It’s one way that you can give back to your people. With your donation we can continue our important work in the following areas:

  • Skatepark Research
  • Instructor Training and Accreditation
  • Writing and Publishing the best skatepark development information available anywhere

SPS has no paid staff and is all-volunteer so you know that your donation is going directly into skateparks and positive skatepark guidance. Naturally, we wouldn’t make these terrific shirts if we didn’t need the money for this important work so buy a dozen today!

Yes, take me to the place where I give SPS money and get this awesome shirt!