San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, TX is home to eleven public skateparks. The locals have been working since 1998 on creating these facilities. For more information visit the City of San Antonio website.

The first concrete park in San Antonio was opened in 2004 at Ladybird Johnson Park. The 10,000 facility offers a flow bowl, ledges, a rail and a new bowled concrete quarterpipe built in 2008. The original park was built by a local contractor and features many construction mishaps such as lumpy concrete and large expansion joints. Although the park has some construction flaws it still has plenty of lines and is used by the locals on a daily basis. The park is located at 10700 Nacogdoches Rd.


In 2004, San Antonio skaters organized and worked with the city in developing an underutilized slab into a skatepark. The slab was located in the historical San Pedro Springs Park and it has been used by skateboarders since the 1970’s. Once the city gave approval the skaters raised money and began building their own features. Today the slab at San Pedro Springs Park features a manual pad/radial ledge, a flat rail, angle iron ledges and a bench. The park is centrally located north of downtown San Antonio and is located at 1315 San Pedro.




In 2009, the city opened their tenth skatepark at Martinez Park. While the city initially considered a prefabricated park the skaters convinced the city to go with poured in place concrete. A local architecture firm worked with skaters on the design and a local contractor was hired to build the park. The park offers a unique design with an open mini bowl, stairs, ledges, banks and hips. The park is located at 201 Merida.




In December 2010, San Antonio opened their eleventh skatepark. The skatepark will be located at Palo Alto Park at 1500 Palo Alto and features a 6,000 square foot skate plaza. The design was created by Parthenon Custom Concrete and was built by a local contractor.





In 2011, the City of San Antonio has big plans to build three more concrete skateparks. The Seattle based skatepark design/build firm Grindline has been hired to design and construct the facilities. The designs for these facilities are featured below…