Freedom of Space

“You—skateboarders—are the leading edge of a revolution of the human being’s relation to his or her environment.” —Edmund Bacon

Steve Olpin and Tim Irvin created this incredible documentary on skateboarding in the public sphere. It has become for many skatepark advocates the single most-essential film to see. The film essentially asks, “what IS public space?” You will walk away inspired, energetic, angry (perhaps), and ready to get things done.

Skaters for Public Skateparks is featured heavily in the film. Former SPS executive director Kent Dahlgren is interviewed with cameos by Brock McNally, Peter Whitley, Dave Waite, Jake Weger, Tim Demmon, Dan Barnett, and a score of others. The most incredible spotlight is on the unexpected Edmund Bacon, architect of Love Plaza and perhaps skateboarding’s most beloved incidental skatepark.

Make some popcorn, expand it to full-screen mode, sit back and enjoy the show.